This has previously been referred to as “BYOT” (Bring Your Own Trunk) and “Direct Connect”, but has now been more formally announced as “Direct Routing”. You will require a certified SBC from Ribbon (Sonus) or AudioCodes Other SBC vendors may be added in the future ThinkTel (Canadian carrier) will also support this scenario, the first

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), one of the staples of communications for Australian businesses, is nearing its end-date. This raises the question of how to maintain those essential fixed voice calling and Phone System/PBX capabilities critical to business. ISDN is a dedicated network that delivers multiple voice lines over a single physical connection, usually copper lines,

Avaya Equinox Online represents a new generation of conferencing with virtual meeting rooms entirely in the cloud. The expense and complexity of on-premises conferencing will be no more with Avaya’s new conferencing system which has no hidden up-front costs and saves time, resources and money. The introduction of Avaya Equinox is great news for those of