Migrate your on-premise Cisco Perpetual Licencing to Flex

Cisco cloud first
not cloud only

Cisco have ensured complete co-existence with on-premise hardware and cloud delivered solutions.  Flex is designed to enable you to migrate to the Cisco Cloud (UCM or Webex Calling) at your own pace, all while lowering costs. Support is built into the subscription so you will no longer require SWSS

What is Flex?

Your existing on-prem UCM and BE6K perpetual licences map to a Flex User Subscription which provides greater value(more features) and also includes SWSS. Users can reside either on-prem, in the cloud or a combination of the two(hybrid)

Why you need to act now

End of sale timelines for CUCM and BE6K perpetual licences are looming. Jan 23, 2021 represents the last day to purchase CUCM Perpetual Licences. July 24, 2021 being D day to purchase BE6K perpetual Licences. Start your planning today and reach out to a Cisco Certified SaaS Consultant.

Cisco provides Investment Protection

  • You are able to apply SWSS Residual from perpetual to Flex Cloud
  • A wide range of endpoints will continue working including 6800, 7841, 7900, 8800 etc No need to splash out on new hardware.


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Flex Migration provides value for On-Premises calling customer

  • Better cash flow through monthly and annual billing options (vs. pre-pay)
  • Additional functionality –SRST, Emergency Responder, Webex Teams*
  • Simple and extensible to Meetings, Contact Centre
  • Flexible migration to cloud services
  • Discounts for multiyear commitment and bundling
image shows the Flex User Type that matches on-premise perpetual licences