Avaya Oceana

When it comes to your customers… EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING

Customer engagement is more than omnichannel. It's delivering the best experience at every touch, on every device, and every time. Avaya OceanaTM is the next generation in multi-touch, context-driven customer engagement solutions. It not only manages big data, it activates it. Because when it comes to delivering unforgettable customer service across every industry, EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING

Avaya Oceana provides a new, fully integrated digital solution built on Avaya Breeze. Oceana is an end-to-end solution for multi-touch, digital customer service with integrated, in-context communications across devices and time. It provides a customer journey view, attribute matching to agents, and data driven workflow leveraging context store.

Avaya Ocean alytics - provides a new, real-time and historical Oceana reporting solution with key attributes including

  • Open, Extensible Framework
  • Reports by agent, channel, and routing
  • Advanced ad hoc Reporting
  • Oceana Data Collector Snap-Ins for multi-source inputs
  • Download the Frost and Sullivan White Paper - Are You Enabling Extraordinary Customer Journeys

Avaya Breeze™ provides an application development platform used to create and deploy advanced communication services. Tightly integrated with Avaya Aura®, Breeze provides software-defined capabilities and configuration-enabled application creation (nocoding). Breeze snap-ins help customers rapidly innovate feature enhancements on new and established products and is the foundation for Oceana and Oceanalytics collectors.

Avaya Breeze Use Cases

Avaya Experience Portal provides a web services based, highly scalable, highly reliable platform that delivers enterprise-grade automated inbound and outbound multi-channel capabilities that includes mobile, voice, video and text based channels such as email and SMS.

  • Incorporate mobile web as a channel supporting outbound and inbound mobile web experiences (applications) through HTML5/CSS
  • Escalate from self-service to assisted service with context across multiple channels

Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization provides a unified suite of workforce optimization solutions available in a number of Operational and Advanced packages structured to accommodate different organization requirements.

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Download the Frost Sullivan Whitepaper Are You Enabling Extraordinary Customer Journeys