Cisco Webex Contact Center

Is your business ready for the cloud?

Cisco Webex Contact Center brings your business the innovation, flexibility, and agility of a cloud contact center solution, with the security and global scalability you have come to expect from Cisco.

The Webex Contact Center difference

It’s time for a new contact center—one that uses technology to help every agent and every customer. Cisco Webex® Contact Center is a native cloud contact center solution that enables enriched customer engagement experiences between businesses and their customers.

  • Native cloud
    Designed and built as a cloud solution for security, reliability, flexibility, and scalability
  • Omnichannel
    All your customer interactions—voice, chat, and email—handled with universal queueing and routing in a unified environment
  • 360-degree customer journey analytics
    Tracks and analyzes the customer experience through the entire lifecycle across all channels
  • Predictive analytics—based routing
    Predicts customer needs based on their stage of the customer journey and matches them with the best available agent for that need
  • Intelligent and contextual
    Artificial intelligence woven into the agent and customer experience with Virtual Customer Assistant self-service and Cisco® Answers
  • Expert collaboration and communications
    Built-in on-demand voice and chat collaboration with other agents, managers, and subject matter experts
  • Business application integrations
    Uses the data from your business applications (e.g., CRM) to determine routing, in addition to screen pops
  • Workforce optimization
    Dynamic scheduling with agent participation, quality management, and “voice-of-the-customer” insights through speech, text, and desktop analytics
  • Outbound campaigns
    Preview, as well as progressive dialing and management

Cisco Contact Centre Overview

Reaching experts quickly

What tools help your agents quickly and easily connect with backoffice experts and your customers?

  • Built-in chat
    This means your agents don’t ever have to leave their desktop
    experience to send a message to a back-office expert or a customer.
    It’s fast and intuitive with Cisco Webex Teams™.
  • Integrated calling
    Your agents enjoy enterprise-class voice capabilities with built-in
    Webex Calling.
  • All included
    Best of all, you don’t have to buy or connect to a separate phone
    system or collaboration tool. And Webex® Contact Center works
    seamlessly with Webex Teams™* and Webex Calling.

The cognitive contact center

The cognitive Webex Contact Center uses AI to empower your agents with the knowledge, data, and context they need to have fast, accurate, and more personalized conversations with customers.

Providing self-service virtual assistant options to your customers is the most effective way to give them faster service, minimize wait times, and improve customer satisfaction. If the bot detects that an agent is needed, it escalates the customer chat to an agent along with all the history of the interaction, making the transition from selfservice to agent-assisted chat a breeze.

Likewise, Cisco Answers gives your agents real-time contextual help while they interact with customers. It listens to the phone and chat interaction and proactively displays relevant answers for your agents, removing the chaos of app switching and minimizing endless search time.

Now you have happier agents who can care for each customer at a highly tailored and individualized level.

Integrated and cost-effective

Using integrated business applications in your contact center can improve customer and agent experiences. The Webex Contact Center has prebuilt connectors for deep integration with your most common CRM and other apps, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk. The result? Higher productivity, minimized siloes, and streamlined workflows.

When you run your entire contact center from within Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Zendesk, you gain:

  • Increased productivity with less complexity
    100 percent native application integration for managers, administrators, and agents
  • Unified agent user experience
    Native agent workflow, call handling, screen pop, call control,
    click-to-dial, automatic call logging, and omnichannel communications
  • Unified visibility, control, and reporting
    Customer, call, and agent data gets integrated into the CRM application for a 360-degree view of customer experience and agent performance

Features and Benefits


Cloud contact centers provide agility, flexibility, scalability, security, efficiency, and innovation.

Collaborative teams

Cisco voice and chat collaboration tools let agents quickly communicate with supervisors and back-office SMEs to solve customer issues the first time, every time.

Cognitive and intelligent

To minimize agent workload and improve customer self-service, Cisco offers intuitive chatbot assistance with seamless transfer to an agent chat, voice or video call.

Skills-based routing

Customers are matched to the agent with the best skills to improve first-contact resolution, customer satisfaction, and net promoter score.

Omnichannel, integrated experience

Agents manage all voice, email, and chat interactions from one unified desktop experience. Minimize app switching with integrated CRM and other business applications.

Reporting and dashboards

Customer interaction and agent activity data is synthesized in reports and real-time dashboards to optimize contact center operations for customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.

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