Let’s meet to understand your business

As a business owner, middle manager or CFO, the odds are that managing the IT in your company isn’t your main job. Whether you have questions about the current state of your IT environment, how better to protect your network or are just looking for a second opinion, one of our team would be happy to meet with you.

As part of the process we will provide you with a report which will cover.

Security risks – which PCs and servers are missing antivirus software and present a risk to your business.

Patch Management–we will provide an overview of your patch management health. Not patching to latest versions can make users more vulnerable to attacks.  We automate patch management.

Bad Software – we will provide a report of all the potential “bad” software running on your network

Disk Health – this looks at disk fragmentation across all PC’s and Servers – a slow network will impact on productivity. Have you ever had this done?

Is it really free?

Our Network Audit and Consultation comes free and is without obligation.

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