Frequently asked Teams Direct Routing questions

Direct routing provides the mechanism that enables carriers to connect their phone lines to the Microsoft Phone System. This allows you to make calls to businesses and customers around the world all from within Microsoft Teams.

Our Microsoft Teams-certified Session Border Controllers (SBCsare deployed into Microsoft Azure with the domain of  By adding to your Office 365 Tenant as a trusted domain, phone lines and services are made available to your users. This is all accomplished over the internet. 

Microsoft have certified telephone handsets and headsets from a number of vendors.  These devices allow connectivity to PC, MAC and Smartphone. 

Each user that needs to make or receive calls requires a Microsoft Phone System or Business Voice subscription.  Phone System is an add-on to O365 E1, E3, F1, F3, A1, A3 and included with E5, A5.  Business Voice is an add-on to Microsoft Business Basic, Standard and Premium. 

Microsoft Phone System is managed directly from within your O365 Tenant using Admin credentials.  

Microsoft have made it very easy to administer so as long as you have Admin access there is nothing stopping you making user related moves ads and changes(MACS). However, if you aren’t making changes day in day out best leave it to the experts(CTI or your Microsoft Cloud Partner). Carrier related changes like adding new number ranges etc. will need to be done by CTI.   

Yes, the Microsoft Phone System can be accessed over any public internet connection.  You will need at least 100kbps per simultaneous phone call. We recommend a network assessment which reports on connectivity from your premises to Office 365.  It includes data on jitter and packet loss etc.  

As part of our service offering, if your internet goes off-line, all incoming calls destined to your main advertised number will be routed through to a number nominated by you during the ordering process.   Outgoing phone calls via the service will not work if the Teams client on your PC or mobile is unable to reach the internet.. Because the Teams client works on smartphones that use the 4G Network, as long as key users have a mobile, you should never experience an outage. 

We provide a full porting service which encompasses  single numbers, number ranges,  1300, 13, 0800 and  1800 numbers.

Yes, we provide a a range of numbers including single numbers, consecutive hundred ranges as well as 1300, 13, 1800 and 0800 numbers. Get your numbers the same day!

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