Have you considered all the ways your technology can work for you?

If you’re moving or upgrading, you have a great opportunity to rethink how your technology really benefits your business.

We offer expert consulting services that will find solutions that will work for your business and fit within your budget and timeline.

Time to move your technology off-site?

We offer solutions on your premises, solutions in the cloud, and hybrid services that combine the best of both.

Need to boost your storage ?

If you need the right infrastructure foundation to manage your growing storage needs, we can help you deploy a hybrid infrastructure that will protect your investment, boost your productivity and empower your data.

Let us take care of your support

You’ve invested in new technology – so you need to be sure it’s always up and running. Our dedicated help desk provides proactive support and in many cases thanks to our investment in Remote management and Monitoring(RMM) tools, potential issues are flagged and resolved before they become actual problems.

Get a free network audit

In the past, we’ve reserved our network audit process for clients on our managed IT platform, allowing us to find, diagnose, and resolve issues before they turn into disasters. For everyone else, we used to charge for the audit. However, due to the increasing number of security threats that Australian businesses face, we’ve decided to make this valuable service available to any business free.

While there’s no obligation, we do hope that this will give us a chance to show your business how working with CTI Solutions is different than any other tech support company. You’ll get to experience the level of detail and professionalism that your organization deserves.