Skype for Business & Teams

Whether you are looking to migrate from a current Lync installation to Skype for Business or leverage the Microsoft Phone System in 365, CTI can provide an SBC solution which is secure and reliable ensuring a quick network migration to the chosen platform.

Our SBC solutions for Microsoft encompass:

  • Deployment flexibility: an expansive virtual and appliance-based SBC portfolio
  • Security: secure SIP connectivity for voice and video
  • Resiliency and Survivability: fully redundant, high availability architecture and SBA/RBA solutions
  • Investment Protection: 3rd party vendor interworking for seamless integration with existing equipment
  • Scale: increase capacity simply by adding session licenses rather than more boxes
  • Performance: maintain a consistent quality of experience under heavy network traffic conditions

Branch Office Survivability

A network outage can prove to be a nightmare for an enterprise causing loss in productivity and business revenue. Capabilities embedded within leading SBCs provide local Skype for Business functionality in the event of a WAN failure, mitigating losses and ensuring business continuity.

  • Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA): ensures basic telephony services are available locally
  • Resilient Branch Appliance (RBA): provides a mobile broadband 3G/4G connection to keep signalling and data layers operational.

365 Cloud Connector Edition

If you have adopted Office 365 the chances are you are looking to extend this to include Skype for Business as your phone system. While this can be deployed on-premises more companies are choosing to leverage Microsoft’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offer now known as Microsoft’s Phone System.   This deployment model still requires you house some of the components in your network and the most cost effective way to do this is using a partner appliance (Sonus Cloud link or Audiocodes CloudBond)

Enabling Microsoft Cloud Voice with Sonus Cloud Link for Microsoft CCE o Audicodes Cloudbond

Both Ribbon Communications(formerly Sonus) and AudioCodes provide an integrated services module to house the Microsoft Cloud Connector.  This module resides on the Session Border Controller and multiple SBC’s can be deployed to achieve high availability.  With Sonus the Integrated Service Module(ISM) resides on the 1k and 2k Session Border Controllers while Audiocodes use their Mediant range.

These solutions provide deployment flexibility with virtual and appliance-based platforms delivering:

  • Support for on premise and Office 365 (hybrid) Skype for Business Enterprise Voice deployments
  • Easy Active Directory integration
  • Multi-vendor equipment integration (vendor agnostic)
  • Dial plan integration and management
  • Improved control over voice quality
  • Secure SIP connectivity for voice and video
  • Support for Call Via Work features
  • Carrier grade quality through a fully redundant, high availability architecture

While it is possible to build your own Cloud Connector Edition, you will need a Microsoft Data Centre Edition Licence, this is in addition to requiring an SBC. So overall, it’s not worth the time or money but it certainly can be an option.