Avaya Aura

An enterprise solution, Avaya Aura enables you to integrate and deliver voice, video, data, and web communications applications and services for up to 250,000 users per networked solution, with the ability to handle more than 50,000 call completions per minute across a global network.

  • More than 700 features and customisable applications – Avaya Aura can support everything from video conferencing to contact centre systems from your smallest branch offices to corporate headquarters.
  • The session management core provides access to applications and services based on need, not location - voice, presence, messaging, and conferencing can be accessed by your mobile workforce.
  • Supports voice, web chat, email, and video chat, provides customers’ interaction histories and social media postings, with full reporting and data.
  • 99.999% reliability will keep your business communications and customer contact solutions constantly available.

Fact Sheet Avaya Aura

How It Works