Video As A Service

Free videoconferencing services are great for pleasure, but when real business is being done you can’t count on the infrastructure of a free service. What you need to ensure your calls go off without a hitch is a Video as a Service (VaaS) cloud provider. CTI for a monthly fee, provides access to a pexip powered cloud ensuring that you don’t drop any calls. It takes the worry out of your hands.

Our service allows meeting participants to connect on any device using any software and takes the complexity out of what is typically a complex process.   Chances are that people invited to one of your meetings using your current platform are feeling jaded at the expectation of having to download and learn yet another bit of software to access yet another system.

While the service offers downloadable clients for use on PCs and mobile devices, you don't actually need any of them to join a meeting.

Most users will continue to use the videoconferencing endpoints and software they already have.

How to access your virtual meeting room (VMR)

No new tools or software, no new workflows or methods. We connect all users regardless of what technology they are using into meetings of any size. It ensures people can collaborate across platforms, but without interfering with how they do it.

So if you and your team are using Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business, that is what you will continue to use. And you can simply and easily drag and drop your contacts into your meetings without worrying about what number to use, or what system they are using.

You choose how to meet. And so does everyone else.

Everybody can present

Conferencing should be easy, and we make sure it is.

Everybody in a meeting can present. And everybody in a meeting can watch presentations locally on their own device. On their endpoint, in Skype for Business, or even in a web browser. Presentations are shared to every connected participant. Even audio-only participants can view shared content - using the Pexip mobile conference management app.

The mobile conference management app

ThePexip mobile conference management app makes meeting management simple and easy. If you are the meeting host, you can manage participants from a device you are familiar with. Add users from your existing contact list, manually dial others in, or even mute and disconnect participants if needed. The Pexip mobile app makes the meeting easy to manage, but is not required for meetings to take place.

The Pexip mobile conference management app enables participants to watch shared content on their mobile device, as well as perform basic conference management tasks

Join a conference in seconds without a remote control

How It Works